Core Values  

Areas of Specialisation

Urban Planning and Design.
Environmental Planning
Traffic and Transportation Planning.
Urban Regeneration and Renewal.
Community Engagement.
Advocacy and Planning Aids.
Housing and Property Management.


Urban Planning and Design

To ensure orderly development of human settlements and satellite communities which commute into and out of urban areas or share resources the company carries out studies, research and analytics, strategic thinking, planning and urban designpublic consultation, policy recommendations, implementation and management using appropriate techniques and tools. We also engage in site development, master planning. urban and landscape design and planning policy formulation.

Envrionmental Planning

Urban Planning Smart Solutions Limited prepares reports describing and indicating appropriate development in areas of special environmental concern. We also engage in preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Statements to address challenges of pollution, vulnerable or ecologically sensitive areas, wetlands and other coastal resources, open space preservation, tree planting, community gardens, environmental energy efficiency, energy efficient buildings, energy conservation in general, water conservation, and wastewater reuse. environmental health management. The company is specifically equipped to address challenges of climate change as it affects the human settlements.

Traffic and Transportational Planning

As urbanization becomes more pronounced, traffic management becomes more challenging.
We help our clients meet today’s high demands for improved transportation systems and increased mobility by navigating the complex challenges associated with the planning and design of cities and transport systems.
We work with planners, developers, investors and operators, as well as multidisciplinary engineering teams, to develop and negotiate the right solutions with regards to, city-wide transport plans, parking, multi-modal planning, travel habit studies and modeling.

Urban Regenerational and Renewal
  Urban renewal studies, rehabilitation or renovation of blighted urban neighborhoods, renovation or reconstruction of public places, redevelopment of slum areas and empowerment of slum dwellers. Strategic urban regeneration and restoration of historic places.
Community Engagement

Community engagement works best where it is an ongoing cumulative process enabling relationships and building trust over time. The company facilitates community or voluntary groups to participate in project planning processes at different levels, by providing professional and advisory services, co-designing and supporting planning process.

  Advocacy and Planning Aids
  Our professional town planners provide expert advice and support services on planning matters at representative capacity. We educate citizens on  planning issues, proffering suggestions together with ordinary citizens, representing the latter before official bodies such as the planning authority. We facilitate and advocate the determination appeals and rights of applicants in planning application.
Housing and Property Management

We undertake housing development through social and affordable housing in partnership with the government. Building control service as accredited inspector for individuals and relevant public agencies. Conduct search and procures planning and land information services. Provides building construction services and management to meet housing needs.


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